Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How does a failed battery look like?

Here are 2 Prius of the same age, with comparable mileage:

  • Prius 3, 2009, 140.000 km, good battery
The first one has a perfectly fit battery.
The Battery Block Delta chart shows how all blocks values are close to each others:
Max Delta is 0.39
Average Delta is 0.10

  • Prius 3, 2009, 183.000 km, failed battery
The Battery Block Delta charts shows that max and min values are much more divergent.
Max Delta is 2.79
Average Delta is 0.34, three times as much as the other battery.

By comparison, let's look at a brand new Auris, that uses the same battery model as the Prius 3:
  • Auris, 2015, 1.000 km, good battery
Max Delta is 1.0, but we can see from the chart that this is due to isolated spikes, probably associated to engine ignitions or others sudden current surge events
Average Delta is 0.10, just as the other good battery.

Here's an older car:
  • Prius 2, 2005, 270.000 km, good battery
Max Delta is 1.08
Average Delta is 0.15, a little worse than the brand new battery

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