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  1. I've a problem with "HV System Indicator"
    I've added it as a custom PID in Torque, using the following equation:

    But in the .csv file, the column contains only a dingle dash for this value

    1. older cars don't support the HSI PID. Are you driving an older Prius?

    2. Hi,

      I have a problem with this step:
      "Search for /sdcard/.torque/extendedpids folder
      Copy the PID file (HSD3 PIDs subset in this screenshot)
      Because I can´t find this file "HSD3 PIDs subset" in my mobile. I would like to collect data from MINI Cooper. What can I do?
      Many thanks

    3. HSD3 PIDs are for Toyota hybrid cars, no use for a MINI Cooper

  2. Very cool. Thanks a lot.

    I have easily changed the analyzer to a a new chart called "consumption" which is same as milage, but shows consumption in l per 100km instead of km per l. If you are interested, I could give you these changes to the script.

    I just have one problem: I get some errors running the script:
    - ERROR: Values in column L (Accel Pedal Pos #1(%)) out of range, check for import errors: value 1.17647064 at row 2. PID marked as missing
    - ERROR: Values in column M (Actual Engine Torque(Nm)) out of range, check for import errors: value -32768 at row 77. PID marked as missing

    I habe added these PIDs as shown on the download. Anything I could have done wrong there. I also have a Tyota Yaris HSD and I have changed torque pro to use english.

  3. I have also seen that my car is detected as
    "Car type detected: Prius3"
    although I have a Yaris HSD.

    Best regards

    1. No problem, car detection is little more than a comment right now.

  4. I love this tool.
    I've Prius 3 MC. ZVW30

    Some errors on log file for missing data.
    No values for PID :
    Accel Pedal Pos #1
    HV System Indicator

    When I diplay this 2 PID in real time, I got no data.

    Also, -> Car type detected: DeLorean DMC-12
    but it is only comments

    1. Have you loaded my PID list or are you using a generic one?
      As for the car type, stay below 88 mph and all will be fine :-)

    2. Yes, but it seems that this PID for HSI are not good.
      I've found discussion on PriusChat about this code on ScanGauge.
      But I don't know how to configure this on Torque Pro Csv file.

    3. That thread on priuschat is where I've got HSI PID from.
      I've tested it on Yaris and Auris.
      Anyway it's an optional PID, it just gives better accuracy on glide detection, but you can do without. The accel pedal is more important.

    4. I have the same Problem with "Accel Pedal Pos #1". Altought I have added it to be logged, the torque log analyzer show the error
      "- ERROR: Values in column L (Accel Pedal Pos #1(%)) out of range, check for import errors: value 1.17647064 at row 2. PID marked as missing"

      I have added all the PIDs of the download section. I am using a Yaris Hybrid.

    5. that is the value reported by torque itself
      try deleting row 2 and run again

  5. This add-on works fine for (relatively) small log file. but for large file, it encounters following script error. I’ve tried several times to run the add-on but it failed. Is there a way to minimize input parameters to avoid lengthy execution time.

    "ScriptError: Exceeded maximum execution time"
    Torque Log : Number of rows 52,093 |10MB CSV file |2.5 hours’ of drive logs .

  6. That's a google docs engine limit.
    Try pressing the analyze button after getting the error. It will resume and eventually finish after some runs