Saturday, July 26, 2014

SOC Discharge

The SOC Discharge charts may help you evaluating your EV driving style and is generated when the EV Behaviour additional analytics is selected.
The chart shows SOC values variation in different car states:

  • SOC Coasting Sum: SOC variation while coasting (accelerator pedal not pressed, brake pedal not pressed or driving in N)
  • SOC Braking Sum: SOC variation while the brake pedal is pressed
  • SOC ICE On Sum: SOC variation while the petrol engine is running (it may charge the HV battery)
  • SOC EV Traction Sum: SOC variation while the car is being pushed by the electric engine alone.

Spot number 1: ICE is running and charged nearly 6% SOC
Spot number 2: this is a braking that recovered 2% SOC
Spot number 3: coasting gains little SOC over time.
Spot number 4: car is moving in EV and 4% SOC is being consumed to move the car.

Additional notes:
You may have negative SOC variation while coasting if driving in N.
Every time you drive in EV, battery current is used to drive the engine and SOC decreases.
The chart shows only SOC points consumed while the car is actually moving: it won't show SOC used while standing still.

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