Monday, December 8, 2014

Torque Log Analyzer needs you!

Android programmers wanted!

Torque Log Analyzer has been appreciated by several dedicated hybrid drivers around the world, and I'm willing to try the next step: bringing the level of analysis featured by my Log Analyzer to a real time, on-the-road application.
While I'm able to do some programming, I'm completely out of the Android development world, so I'm searching for an experienced developer willing to join forces on this project.
Here is a brief statement of work: if you're interested, get in touch with me.

The standard dashboard of Toyota Hybrid cars show only minimal information about the car status; the base version of the new Yaris even lacks the battery level indicator.
An Android app can show car parameters that are missing from the standard cockpit with the aim of improving your driving.

High level draft
The app should read data from the CAN bus of the car by using a standard Bluetooth adapter.
The app may be a Torque plugin or standalone, if it has the ability to read CAN bus directly.
In case of a Torque plugin, the app should be able to add a predefined set of custom PIDs to the ones Torque already has.
PIDs and trigger values are specific to each car model, PIDs for Yaris, Auris and Prius are well known and already available.
For the ease of user experience, there should be an app version for each supported car.
Those versions may come from the same source code, just compiled with different defined constants.

The app will display at least two sets of values.
Real time values:
  • Battery charge value
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Current from battery
  • Brake usage (friction pads or regenerative)
Statistical (or cumulative) values:
  • % time of engine off
  • Km run in EV mode
  • Number of brakings
  • Braking efficiency

Code license
I'm not a professional programmer and I'm not planning to earn significant money from this.
As this is just a hobby for me, I favor the option of going open source for this project and releasing it for free on the market.
Different options may be considered. If a paid version is considered, I'm willing to evaluate how to share revenues based on the contribution of each of the parties involved.

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