Sunday, February 8, 2015



  • user interface has been updated: to prevent scrolling, analytics and options lists are now collapsed at startup
    to open them, just click on the title

  • SOC drifting detection has been added
  • sheet size has been corrected for all chart sizes; now zoom on charts should be more usable


  1. Analyse all, I made it disappear momentaneously how to make it reappear please?

    1. That's not clear. Try closing the spreadsheet and opening it again. Then select "start" again from the add-on menu

    2. ok it worked again thanks.
      I'm logging a Prius gen 2 and none of the newer analytics appear on a sheet. For example, pulse and glide analyse, sweet spot... I'd love to know the proportion of glides...

      Is it a problem o PIDs file or pids logging choice on torque?

      and about the temperature, what is your view about adding a "time to reach optimum operation temp for the ICE" (which I think is around 72-80 degrees?) in the analysis sheet?

    3. Some of the analytics use power meter (HSI) PID, that is not available on the P2.
      If you are willing to share your sheet with torqueloganalyzer at on Google drive, I'll take a look at it.
      As for the "time to optimum temp", it's a good suggestion. I'll put it in the next releases.