Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The EV Behaviour Chart

The EV Behaviour chart provides an overview of your EV driving skills.
Car speed is drawn so you can have a reference about your trip.
HV battery State of Charge is also displayed. Keep in mind that 60 is the level the car wants to achieve.
On the lower section of the chart you can find the notable states of the car as follows:

  • Car State EV: car is running with the EV indicator lighted up.
  • Car State Gliding: car is in EV and running with 0 battery consumption and no fuel either.
  • Car State EV Regen: car is in EV and charging the battery from coasting or braking. Note that this is different from generic regenerative braking, as that may happen even when not in EV.
  • Car State EV Traction: car is in EV and using current from the battery to power the electric engine. Try to use this as low as possible.
  • EV Excess: EV usage is considered excessive if you're using more than 30A for 5 consecutive seconds with SOC < 60. Try to avoid it.
The EV Behaviour Map shows the same info above a map of the road so you can easily pinpoint parts of the trip.

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