Saturday, August 2, 2014

Use Torque Log Analyzer as a stand-alone sheet

Before becoming an Add-on, Torque Log Analyzer was available as a stand-alone sheet.
This page contains instructions about using it, mainly for historical purposes: this is not the preferred way of using it.

Torque Log Analyzer is still available as a stand-alone script in the download section of this site.
Note that you can view the full source code also, so it may be useful if you're learning Google Script.

Anyone interested can go to the Downloads section and get Torque Log Analyzer.
Make a copy of the spreadsheet into your own Google Drive.

Open your fresh copy.
Select from menu "File / Import"

Select "Replace current sheet" and then select your trackLog.csv file
Check the preview and then select "Import".

Select "OK" and "Accept" the following authorization requests

The sheet will be replaced by the content of your log file.
Select analytics and then click "Analyze".

If the sidebar doesn't appear, select "Start" from the "Add-ons" menu.

Spreadsheet will be populated with new columns and new sheet containing analysis and statistics about the trip you logged in trackLog.csv.
Also check for the "Log" sheet for any errors.

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