Sunday, January 5, 2014


This thread on PriusChat introduced the required PID to evaluate the power meter of the HSD system.
Here is the HV System Indicator, as it's called:

HSI can be used for a better detection of the Glide condition and for additional analisys on Power/ECO usage.
Add this PID to your Torque to use the HSI:

NameShortNameModeAndPIDEquationMin ValueMax ValueUnitsHeader
HV System IndicatorH S I212B{A:0} * 256 + B - {A:1} * 512-512511%7C0

You can also use the PID csv file provided in the download section of this site.

Some notable values are:

Zone NameMarkValueGear Stick Position
PWR-> 100D
Upper ECO583D
Upper ECO469D
ECO3 (center)50D
Lower ECO235D
Lower ECO116D
ECO - CHG0 (rest)0D
CHG-< 0D
Any--512P, R, N

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