Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PIDs and Charts

Here's a summary with the required and optional PIDs for some common charts:

PIDs / AnalysisTemperatureMileagePulse & GlideRegenBrakeAidMaps
Speed (OBD)(km/h)RRRORRO
Engine RPM(rpm)RRO
Batt Pack Current Val(Amperes)RRO
State of Charge(%)R
Wheel Cylinder Pressure Sensor(V)RORO
Regen Cooperation(Off/On)RRRO
Accel Pedal Pos #1(%)ROO
Actual Engine Torque(Nm)RORO
Trip Distance(km)RR
Fuel used (trip)(l)RR
Fuel flow rate/minute(cc/min)
Engine Coolant temperatureRR
HV System IndicatorOO
Ambient TemperatureO
R = Required
O = Optional

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