Sunday, January 19, 2014

V28 Released


  • fixed name error in hybrid chart.
  • fixed wrong brake chart label.
  • useless columns added by torque are deleted automatically to save space and compute time.
  • added HSI altitude chart (by request).
  • better Glide detection using HSI.
  • N "gear" is now detected with the HSI PID.
  • added Neutral to the Pulse & Glide chart.
  • coasting is now detected with HSI.
  • removed speed/altitude chart, as both are present in other charts.
  • added new car state ParaGlide: for those not obsessed by Glide but still curious to see when they are travelling with little energy.
  • fuel heuristics have been reported to fail badly too many times: I've removed them until I'll find a better way.
  • removed "sweet spot", as its correct detection in under discussion right now.
  • Timing Advance PID is no longer necessary.

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