Friday, January 31, 2014

Loading custom PIDs on Torque

Run Torque
Select Setting / General Preferences

Check "Default to English", so all PIDs won't be translated in your local language and will be recognized by Torque Log Analyzer

Quit Torque to reload language

Select Settings / Units
Uncheck "Use Gallons"

Select Settings / OBD2 Adapter Settings
Check Enhanced MPG calculation

Select Settings / Data Logging & Upload
Check "Log trip fuel consumed"
Check "Also log selected sensors"

Now, to load custom PIDs file you'll need and Android file manager.
I've used X-plore, available free on Google Play.
First, be sure to check "Show hidden"

Search for /sdcard/.torque/extendedpids folder
Copy the PID file (HSD3 PIDs subset in this screenshot)

Now, back to Torque / Settings / Manage custom OBD2 PIDs
Select "Add predefined set"

You'll see the PID file you just added (HSD3 PIDs subset here)
Select it.
Now you'll have all the additional PIDs available for display and logging

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